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Just Wondering

What could the idea of being “famous” have meant to the people who decide to build a city with a tower in Genesis 11:4? For us, being “famous” more or less means being known by lots of people, widely dispersed. … Continue reading

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“Lux umbra dei”

Going through the mail that has been piling up for the past several weeks; skimmed through a publisher’s catalog (Paulist Press), and ran across the description of Home by Another Route: A Journal of Art, Music and Faith, by Charles Scribner, … Continue reading

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Against “Proof-texting” in the Qur’an

Chapter 3 of Qur’an in Conversation begins with Jamal Badawi’s discussion of the factors affecting the interpretation of “one of the most misunderstood verses of the Qur’an”(78) 9:5, “Kill the idolaters [mushrikin] wherever you find them, capture them, besiege them, … Continue reading

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Close Reading in the Qur’an

Notes on Chapter 2 (“Close Readings, Old and New”) of Michael Birkel, ed. Qur’an in Conversation (Waco, TX: Baylor UP, 2014) 33-35.] Mohammad Hassan Khalil unpacks the meaning of the opening line of the Qur’an, the bismillah, rendered into English … Continue reading

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An Ayah on Guidance

MuslimPro’s verse of the day from the Qur’an was Surah 28, Al-Qasas, (The Story or The Narrative) 56. This is how it reads in Pickthall’s translation: Lo! thou (O Muhammad) guidest not whom thou lovest, but Allah guideth whom He … Continue reading

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God’s Communication Problem?

Why is God’s communication with humanity so ineffective? Serious question – not rhetorical, not flippant, frankly curious. The ineffectiveness of God’s communication with humanity is amply attested in the Bible, and the Qur’an. This could be documented, as needed. God … Continue reading

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Eternal Word

It seems to me that the way Nicene orthodoxy solves the problem of Jesus being the self-revelation of God (“of one substance with the Father …”) is fundamentally similar to the way Asharite tradition in Islam solves the problem of … Continue reading

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