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Christian Doctrine (4)

More summary notes on Christian Doctrine, (Shirley C. Guthrie, Jr., Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1994) this time Chapter 4 (pp 53-69), “How Does God Find Us?” which deals with the concept of “special revelation” – that is, the self-revelation … Continue reading

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Christian Doctrine (3)

Chapter 3 of Christian Doctrine focuses on the doctrine of “general revelation” – the idea that God is or can be known “by the light of nature and the works of creation” (Westminster Confession, 1.1). Guthrie presents the following summary … Continue reading

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God’s Communication Problem pt. 2

Continuing to think about the communication problem. Assuming God, and God’s classical attributes (“the omnis,” which is what got me thinking about this problem in the first place, the seeming inconsistency of the omnis with God’s ineffective communication …): God … Continue reading

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More on Revelation

Disagreements regarding the status and content of revelation are the continuing source of most of the serious conflicts within and among religious people, as well as between religious and non-religious. The question of how such disagreements might be resolved has … Continue reading

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Thinking about Revelation

 We will be thinking about the concept of “revelation” in class this morning. It’s so foreign to most people these days that it’s hard to get students to see that there has ever been a significant conflict between revealed and … Continue reading

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