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Truth Value

Class is all over but the grading, which needs to be done a little more quickly than usual because the university’s Moodle site, where all my students’ work will be, is going to be shut down for maintenance two days … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for World Religions

The small liberal arts university where I occasionally teach offers courses in “World Religions.” The discipline of Religious Studies questions the “world religions approach” these days, for good reasons, along with the very idea of “religion” as separate from things … Continue reading

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Epistemological Question

Wanted: help with contemporary epistemology! I think that the popular “correspondence” theory of truth has been more or less abandoned in thoughtful circles these days, replaced by things like “coherence” theories, assessed by criteria like “comprehensiveness.” I think I understand … Continue reading

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B(ook of Order F-3.010)4 Truth

I am studying for a test on Presbyterian Polity that is coming up in about a week, which explains why I was reading the Book of Order and ran across this “Historic Principle of Church Order” (F-3.01): Truth and Goodness … Continue reading

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Thinking about Revelation

 We will be thinking about the concept of “revelation” in class this morning. It’s so foreign to most people these days that it’s hard to get students to see that there has ever been a significant conflict between revealed and … Continue reading

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Remembering and Forgetting

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